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Jerome’s has a dedicated area of their modern facility exclusively to vehicle detailing to ensure the inside of your vehicle looks as good as possible. We know the importance of having that new car look inside and out and are committed to achieving it for you. That’s why we carefully select each of the super-premium products we use on every vehicle trusted to our care.

Our customized packages allow you to select the detailing that focuses on your specific need. Our complete care includes treating all glass, leather/upholstery, and the entire exterior of your car. We’ll even do a complete clean of your engine if you choose.

Our high horsepower vacuum system ensures we remove all the sand and dirt embedded deeply in your carpets and upholstery. That’s not all, our industrial detox shampoo provide deep cleaning and kill bacteria hiding in carpet and seating areas. We make your vehicle cleaner and safer for all occupants.

Bring your vehicle to us and discover why Jerome’s detailing truly is “the best in the business.”

Vehicle Detailing

Prices may vary depending on vehicle conditions


A great option for those on the run. We hand pressure wash outside, vacuum the interior, and clean all glass streak free.

Jerome's Classic

Package includes a professional high pressure exterior cleaning by our hands. Accompanied by a deep sanitized cleaning of complete interior, including carpet, seats, dashboard, console, and high-end treatments to interior/exterior trim and all glass. The final step is an application of a high gloss wax.


Includes entire
Classic Package, plus:

Removal of minor paint damage and scratches. Overall buff/polish of outside paint surface. To complete the Deluxe Package, we enhance the gloss of your existing paint by applying our signature sealant.

  • Cars $99.95

  • Trucks/sm SUV $124.95

  • SUV/Van $149.95

  • Semi daycab $189.95

  • Semi w/sleeper $239.95

  • Boats $199.95 (extra for large boats)

  • Cars $379.95

  • Trucks/sm SUV $439.95

  • SUV/Van $479.95

  • Semi daycab $479.95

  • Semi w/sleeper $599.95

  • Boats $479.95 (extra for large boats)

  • Cars $549.95

  • Trucks/sm SUV $649.95

  • SUV/Van $699.95

  • Semi daycab $749.95

  • Semiw/sleeper $899.95

  • Boat $699.95 (extra for large boats)

Add-On Services

Paint Restoration

Remove all wax, tar, surface scratches, and clay bar existing paint finish. Restore finish with a deep buff and polish. Closing with a protective high gloss sealant.

Starting prices can vary based on paint condition.

  • Cars $499.95

  • Trucks/sm SUV $599.95

  • SUV/Van $649.95

  • Semi daycab $649.95

  • Semi w/sleeper $799.95

  • Boat $699.95 (extra for large boats)

  • Restore Headlights : Clean & polish headlights to a bright new look - $69.95

  • Ozone treatment : Eliminate those strong unpleasant odors with a clean freshness - $59.95

  • Steam clean engine bay : Clean & degrease engine and components with hot steam :  $89.95

  • Coming Soon!  : ceramic coatings, interior repairs, exterior chips and paint scratches

Vehicle Collision Repair

We will provide a timely quality repair to restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition.

Vehicle Detailing

Let us make your vehicle look like new again! We are dedicated to provide the quality service you deserve for all your car detailing needs.

Boat, Fiberglass & RV

Do you have cracks or holes in your fiberglass or RV? We can fix that too!

Semi-Tractor Body Work

Big or small, we can do it all. Semi-Tractors are just one of our specialties.